16/04- Cult of Fire / Malokarpatan al Campus Industry

GIOVEDI 16 APRILE 2020 DALLE 19.00 ALLE 23.00

After exclusive fly-in performances in over 30 countries around the world, CULT OF FIRE will do a first European tour in the history of the band in April 2020!
This live appearance format was chosen to bring out the full potential of live CULT OF FIRE experience. The band will tour with the upcoming new album „Moksha / Nirvana“ being freshly released, there will be new live setlist accompanied by new stage decorations, attire and the whole visual concept reworked to fit the concept of the new album. Many elements of the new visual theme are designed especially for the tour and some of these features would be impossible to transport by plane.

The tour with special guest Slovakian heavy blacksters Malokarpatan (they will also promote new album „Krupinské ohne“ to be released in the start of 2020 by Invictus Prod) will be the only possibility to see Cult Of Fire live on the continent in 2020 (there will be no festival appearances or other European shows that year).

Cult Of Fire


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